For every business, time is money. At Lazerbeam, we understand the importance of solving problems quickly and effectively for business, because the smallest technical problem could potentially prevent you working.

A majority of the problems reported are fixed rapidly and effectively by our experienced Remote tech support team.

Lazerbeam utilizes a remote technical support model that allows our technicians to access your PC or server from any of our office locations.

We are able to do this by using our remote support tools to connect over the internet to your PC. This creates a virtual environment where it is as if we are sitting directly in front of your PC with you.

Lazerbeam Remote Support allows us to perform network administration tasks and one-to-one helpdesk support remotely from the Lazerbeam Customer Service centre.

Our remote support model allows us to quickly respond to any issue that you are having. In most cases we can remotely resolve your problem in one hour or less.